Selling on Amazon in the European Union

With the help of, an Italian IT Agency focused on e-commerce and advertising, we are presenting you with a simple guide on how to create an account on SellerCentral and start selling your products on Amazon EU marketplaces.

If you have already decided to start selling on Amazon as a seller and you already understand which logistic is the best solution for you, then you can start selling on Amazon EU marketplaces.

The first step is to go on (in English) or on one of the other European country sites (.it for Italian, .de for German, .fr for French, .pl for Polish, etc.) and to create a professional account, which has a cost of 39 euros/month (excluded VAT). The account will enable you to enter SellerCentral, your backoffice on Amazon.

Remember that, apart from the monthly cost, Amazon charges a referral fee for each item sold. The amount depends on the product category. Most referral fees are between 8% and 15%.

The second step is to add your product(s) on Amazon. The procedure is extremely simple if the product is already on sale on the marketplace: just type in your price and stock availability. From SellerCentral, click the Catalogue menu and then the Add Products item. There you will find the search engine, so search the Amazon database for products and add them to your inventory.

If your product(s) are not yet on Amazon, then you will have to select Inventory -> Add Products via Upload and follow the instruction there. Basically, you will have to fill in an Excel spreadsheet with data and info; then upload it.

After having uploaded your inventory, using the function Inventory -> manage Inventory you can update your prices and quantities. Remember in “Settings” to set up your Shipping Settings and your VAT settings.

After that, you can start to advertise your products. To do so, just go to Advertising -> Campaign Manager. Then choose Sponsored Products. In the panel, you will decide which product(s) to advertise. You will decide the campaign duration and budget and just choose Automatic targeting. That’s it. Amazon will do everything for you.

Sounds easy, right? Listing your products and advertising them will be a piece of cake.

Well, yes and no. There are a lot of little details and a lot of possible mistakes that can ruin your “way to success” on Amazon.

We at have been certified as a Service and Software Partner by Amazon and we can help you in many ways; in fact, we have been helping tens of (mainly Italian) companies to sell on Amazon since 2015. From single industrious shopkeepers to important companies moving millions of merchandises each month. We can help your staff to thrive in the Amazon ecosystem — marketing, sales and cataloguing.

We will train your employees on how sales work on Amazon, share with them the knowledge gained in the field by our experts, and prepare them to properly manage all the situations that can occur. Moreover, we can help you in preparing your catalogue (item names and descriptions) and help you in uploading it on Amazon.

But there’s more… what about automating it all? Our integrated software solution, Sar-At™, can manage stocks and prices, fetching data from your internal company database and automatically adding new insertions on both Amazon and eBay, whenever a new item is released or added to your internal inventory. Or remove out-of-stock items. It can also obtain sale data from Amazon and forward it to your IT systems, if needed.

If you are a reseller, Sar-At can automatically handle prices for you, checking multiple times per day if a competitor is trying to undersell you, and in that case lower your price (within limits, of course). Or, even better, raise it when there’s no strong competition, in order to maximize your profits.

Finally, we can manage your advertising campaigns both for individual products and to generate more visibility for your brand. We can help you in the process of store creation and to add A+ content to your items.

Intrigued? Let’s have a chat, or an email exchange, and discuss how we can help your business. You can find us at [email protected]