Seller Fulfilled Prime​

Take the opportunity to offer your selection of products to Amazon Prime customers
whilst fulfilling the orders from FLEX. warehouse. It comes with greater flexibility and lower prices.

FLEX. offers all-in-one logistics solutions for Amazon sellers in Europe, no matter if you are a manufacturer, brand owner, e-retailer, importer, distributor or a wholesaler. FLEX. can provide you with a whole range of ecommerce fulfillment options that will allow you to focus your resources on your core business instead of day-to-day operations.

Seller Fulfilled Prime

Seller Fulfilled Prime is the Amazon fulfillment programme that allows ecommerce sellers to deliver Prime products directly from their own warehouse to the customer.

By displaying the Prime badge next to your offers on Amazon, you are required to fulfill orders with One-Day Delivery at no additional charge for Amazon Prime customers.

Through this programme, after completing the Seller Fulfilled Prime trial period, you can start shipping your products via Amazon-approved transportation solutions.

Taking a part in Seller Fulfilled Prime increases visibility of your products to the most loyal Amazon customers but also cames with some additional benefits such as:
• you can offer guaranteed delivery date and message it to your clients,
• you can grow business with Lightning Deals,
• you compete more effectively for the Buy Box,
• you benefit from Amazon’s 24/7 after-sale customer service,
• you can manage your stock across multiple channels.

Select FLEX. as your next ecommerce fulfillment partner.

Let's work together to take your ecommerce business to a new fulfillment level.

At FLEX. we believe in:

Fair play

Eco-friendly packaging

Safety first

Economy of scale

Going extra mile

and a 5-star customer service


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