Order Fulfillment

FLEX. will take care of your order fulfillment processes – all picking, packing, shipping, storage, and product returns is on us.

FLEX. offers all-in-one logistics solutions for ecommerce sellers in Europe, no matter if you are a manufacturer, brand owner, e-retailer, importer, distributor or a wholesaler. FLEX. can provide you with a whole range of order fulfillment services that will allow you to focus your resources on your core business instead of day-to-day operations.

What is Order Fulfillment?

Order fulfillment is a process of delivering customer's order from a warehouse to his door step and all the steps in-between:

1. Customer places an order online, FLEX. receives order information.

2. We pick and pack the order according to our client's specifications.

3. Order is shipped out from the warehouse using our partnered carriers.

4. All the involved parties receive live updates on order processing.

5. The package arrives exactly as the customer expects and on time.

Fulfillment companies are the essential part of any ecommerce business and moving your inventory to 3PL order fulfillment provider, can save you a lot of time and money, while increasing your customers' satisfaction.

Let's work together to take your ecommerce business to a new fulfillment level.

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What is Order Fulfillment Company?

An order fulfillment company is a logistics provider that specializes in inventory storage and handling, picking and packing orders for shipping and product deliveries. The focus only on ecommerce fulfillment allows FLEX. to constantly optimize the logistics processes, lower the overall costs of order fulfillment and provide top of the line experience for an end-customer.

FLEX. is a reliable and experienced order fulfillment service company located in Poland, in the center of Europe.

Additional services available:

• Handling returns,

• Kitting, inserts, bundling, samples,

• Long term storage.

Fulfillment warehouse location

Working with a fulfillment company that is centrally located in Europe (Poland), will allow you to reach more customers in less time at reduced shipping costs. Keep your store close to the customers is a No. 1 rule for fast and effective ecommerce logistics.

Inventory Management

FLEX. rely on barcodes, such as UPC, EAN, ISNB, GCID to receive and proceed your inventory and fulfill order for your customers. We also use modern Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) with several ecommerce platforms integrations to tag the product's location in the storage facility to easily find and package the product when your customers place orders.

Pick, Pack and Ship

FLEX. has the ability to pick, pack and ship any number of units a day. When we receive a new order information, our warehouse associates will locate your products in our inventory, collect it and pack in a durable box with the necessary packing dunnage, secure tape, and shipping label. The package is ready for pick up by a shipping providers.

At FLEX. we believe in:


Inventory accuracy

Business principles

Attention to details

Optimized solutions

and a 5-star customer service
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