Omni-Channel Fulfillment​​

FLEX. guarantees fast, repeatable and personalized omni-channel fulfillment experience.

FLEX. offers all-in-one logistics solutions for ecommerce sellers in Europe, no matter if you are a manufacturer, brand owner, e-retailer, importer, distributor or a wholesaler. FLEX. can provide you with a whole range of omni-channel fulfillment services that will allow you to focus your resources on your core business instead of day-to-day operations.

What is Omni-Channel Fulfillment?

In order to meet expectations of a modern ecommerce customer, brands have to invest in product availability across multiple channels, both online and offline. Modern shopper must be able to find, order and receive products via multiple ecommerce platforms, sales channels, systems and locations.

Order fulfillment for omni-channel experience is a great challenge which only a few fulfillment provides can cope with.

FLEX. has a team of ecommerce logistics professionals who can help you overpower complexity of the supply chain challenge, consolidate orders across different sales platforms and deliver hassle-free omnichannel shopping experience to an end-customer.

We offer our clients an access to a modern Warehouse Management System (WMS) with an easy e-commerce platforms integrations, real-time reporting and inventory levels. No emailing or uploading orders, just a 3PL effortless fulfillment and accurate processes.


Omnichannel Fulfillment Services

Selling on multiple ecommerce platforms can be a challange. To be able to manage order fulfillment is a key element to success. FLEX. will allow you to seamlessly integrate orders stream from Amazon Marketplace, eBay, Shopify, your own website and many more. And we make sure, all the orders are shipped promptly and accurately.

Available services include:

  • Same-day order fulfillment, 
  • Kitting, labeling, inserts and customization,
  • Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime Ready,
  • Return logistics, long term storage, FBA prep and 5-star customer service.

What is Order Fulfillment Company?

An order fulfillment company is a logistics provider that specializes in inventory storage and handling, picking and packing orders for shipping and product deliveries. The focus only on ecommerce fulfillment allows FLEX. to constantly optimize the logistics processes, lower the overall costs of order fulfillment and provide top of the line experience for an end-customer. FLEX. is a reliable and experienced order fulfillment service company located in Poland, in the center of Europe. Additional services available:

  • Handling returns,
  • Kitting, inserts, bundling, samples,
  • Long term storage.


Partner with FLEX. for all-in-one warehouse, order fulfillment and shipping.


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FLEX. Logistics

E-commerce logistics provider for online retailers. Location: Poland, in the center of Europe. FLEX. will provide you with a mix of experience, reliability and scalability to help you grow your online business to new levels.

FLEX. Fulfillment

A fulfillment company. Order fulfillment services for online retailers. No cost on-boarding. FLEX. will provide you with a mix of experience, reliability and scalability to help you grow your online business to new levels. Let’s succeed together!

FBA Prep Poland

End-to-end logistics for Amazon sellers in the Eastern Europe. No 1 alternative in the Eastern European Union (EU). For all e-commerce sellers who ship their inventory to Fulfillment Centers in Poland, Germany and Czech Republic.

FBA Prep Germany

Amazon FBA preparation service in Germany for all e-commerce sellers who ship their inventory to Amazon Fulfillment Centers.