Gift Wrapping

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Gift Wrapping Products for E-commerce

A gift wrapping is a popular trend in e-commerce. All of the marketplaces and most individual shops offer a customized wrapping of a product as a gifting option.

Gift wrapping is considered a way of expressing gratitude or appreciation. E-commerce customers expect to be able to order gift wrapping on various occasion, not only limited to festival or holiday season like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but also like anniversaries, house-warming parties, graduation parties, and farewell parties. Since gift wrapping products are perceived to increase overall aesthetic value of the product, increase in gifting occasions is expected to grow.

Available gift wrapping products at FLEX.:
• Wrapping Paper,
• Ribbons,
• Films & Foils,
• Decorative Boxes,
• Pouches,
• Bags,
• Plastic.

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