Amazon FBA Removal Orders

Remove your Amazon inventory to FLEX. warehouse for relabelling using our local address. Ship the units back to Amazon Fulfillment Centers at low cost.

FLEX. offers all-in-one logistics solutions for Amazon sellers in Europe, no matter if you are a manufacturer, brand owner, e-retailer, importer, distributor or a wholesaler. FLEX. can provide you with a whole range of ecommerce logistics services that will allow you to focus your resources on your core business instead of day-to-day operations.

FBA Removal Orders

When you are having a problem with Amazon FBA inventory, FLEX. will receive, inspect, correct and ship your inventory back to Amazon or forward it anywhere you want.

Our services include:

• Receiving packages and pallets (one-by-one is OK),

• Inspecting item quality and condition (photos of damage can be provided),

• Sticker and price-tag removal,

• Item FNSKU and shipment relabeling,

• Shipping the units back to Amazon Fulfillment Centers in Europe or anywhere in the world (on pallets or in courier carton boxes).

Let's work together to take your ecommerce business to a new fulfillment level.

At FLEX. we believe in:


Going extra mile

Team work

Fair play

Efficient processes

and a 5-star customer service
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