Amazon reintroduces European fulfillment network (EFN) in the UK

Starting March 2022 Amazon will reintroduce the European fulfillment network which will allow UK sellers with Amazon Europe stores accounts, who are also registered by Fulfillment by Amazon, to store stock in fulfillment centers in the EU and fulfill orders coming from other European stores.

To sell between the UK and EU using the European fulfillment network there are some requirements where you must have the following:

  • Access to both the UK and EU seller central accounts
  • FBA offers for your products in both the UK and the EU
  • Inventory for eligible offers stored in local fulfillment centers.
  • Shipping programs and export settings enabled. For EU to UK fulfillment, all EU stores must be enabled for export (Germany, Italy, France and Spain).
  • VAT numbers in all countries you keep your stock at

Buying goods in the UK and EU will work same way you normally order items on your local store but you can place orders from different Amazon stores like amazon.de or amazon.fr. The same stock keeping unit must be provided for both of your offers in the UK and EU.

When the sellers ship to both UK and EU Amazon will prioritize fulfilling from local inventory. When delivering their goods to an Amazon warehouse Amazon will handle all the shipping related to your orders.

Due to Amazon previously implementing the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Amazon will take care of; product packaging, shipping, returns and customer service which means the seller won’t have to worry as much about getting the orders out and they can cut down on shipping costs.

This reintroduction of the European fulfillment network will help small businesses grow due to being able to sell their goods to other countries this in turn will allow the smaller companies access to a larger amount of customers giving the company a chance to gain popularity and the potential to earn larger amounts of profits. Due to the companies sending their goods to other countries they will have to pay import VAT, they will also need to pay for the storage where they will keep their goods the price of this will depend on the size and weight of the goods. When importing goods from the EU to the UK or other NON-EU there will be import VAT and duties this additional costs can affect cash flow to people’s business so they will likely want to claim the VAT back where they will have to register for VAT in the country of importation and file a VAT reclaim. FZCO Accountants is one of the Tax service provinces to help for UK and EU VAT registration, filing and VAT audit service for clients.

You don’t have to register for the EFN. If you are using Fulfillment by Amazon in one European store you will automatically be able to use the EFN in all other European stores via your Amazon stores account when your listings are updated to each store through the stock keeping unit and converted to Fulfill by Amazon on each store. If you do not own an Amazon stores account you will not be able to activate the EFN function until you open an Amazon stores account.

Using your Amazon Europe Stores account, you can create offers on any of Amazon’s European stores using the same process that you used to create offers on your home store. When you provide the same SKU for the product that you have provided in your home store, your offer will be linked to the same inventory pool.

FLEX. Logistics can provide you with customs clearance, pre-Amazon storage and forwarding to Amazon fulfillment centers in the European Union.

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