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Order fulfillment services for online retailers. No cost on-boarding.


FLEX. is a 3PL company with warehouses in Germany and Poland
that specialize in e-commerce logistics: B2C / B2B fulfillment, storage, processing returns.

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Connect your e-commerce store with FLEX. Keep inventory synced on any number of stores. You are just a few clicks away!

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Send your products to our safe and secure warehouse where we organize inventory for the best efficiency and practicality.



To Make Ecom Fulfillment Easy

FLEX. will provide you with a mix of experience, reliability and scalability to help you grow your online business to new levels. Let’s succeed together!




FLEX. is an official logistics partner of Amazon Service Provider Network (SPN) for FBA preparation and pre-Amazon storage in the EU. Our qualified team of logistics professionals can help your business grow and benefit from Amazon fulfillment network in the European Union.

3PL refers to third party logistics. This may include outsourcing fulfillment operations to a third party logistics provider that operates warehouses, IT – inventory management systems (WMS), shipping operations and returns management.

The basic steps of order fulfillment include:

+ Getting inventory shipments

+ Storing inventory

+ Processing orders

+ Packing and shipping products

+ Processing returns


We understand that time is money and we value our clients' time over everything else.


From import customs clearance to processing Amazon removal orders. From FBA prep to shipping FTLs with up to 33 pallets to Amazon fulfillment centers in Europe. We got you covered with your e-commerce logistics needs!

FLEX. Logistics

E-commerce logistics provider for online retailers. Location: Poland, in the center of Europe. FLEX. will provide you with a mix of experience, reliability and scalability to help you grow your online business to new levels.

FLEX. Fulfillment

A fulfillment company. Order fulfillment services for online retailers. No cost on-boarding. FLEX. will provide you with a mix of experience, reliability and scalability to help you grow your online business to new levels. Let’s succeed together!

FBA Prep Poland

End-to-end logistics for Amazon sellers in the Eastern Europe. No 1 alternative in the Eastern European Union (EU). For all e-commerce sellers who ship their inventory to Fulfillment Centers in Poland, Germany and Czech Republic.

FBA Prep Germany

Amazon FBA preparation service in Germany for all e-commerce sellers who ship their inventory to Amazon Fulfillment Centers.


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If you want to expand your e-commerce operations in the EU, FLEX. is a logistics partner you are looking for!

When you start working with a 3PL e-commerce warehouse, all B2C / B2B fulfillment operations will be handled by a third party logistics company that works with many vendors and specialize in optimizing logistics processes to provider faster and more effective order processing than you might be able to achieve when running your own warehouse.

A third-party e-commerce fulfillment is the most effective option for both small start-ups businesses as well as well established multi-national brands who wish to take an advantage of shipping more orders and the ability to scale e-commerce fulfillment operations on demand.

3PL companies can usually work with tens of different eCommerce store engines such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Amazon etc, depending on the type of business you run. Each 3PL offers unique solutions such as B2B or B2C order processing, processing returns and more. The service can be customized to meet your requirements and business needs.


We understand that time is money and we value our clients' time over everything else.


We carefully choose our warehouse locations close to sea and rail container terminals, cargo airports and highways, to make sure we are able to receive your shipments without delays and forward it to Amazon fulfillment centers in a cost efficient way.

In order to B2C / B2B fulfillment be possible, each product in inventory has to carry a unique SKU barcode – it can be EAN / UPC / FNSKU or any other scannable barcode printed on individual units and boxes. A SKU means product’s stock-keeping unit.

SKUs allows fulfillment company to track inventory levels, identify products correctly and automate IT fulfillment processed. It will also provide important details such as size, type, color, price, style, and brand coded under a barcode rather than a written product description. Thanks to scannable barcodes an e-commerce 3PL can quickly locate inventory and ship correct products.

FLEX. is an e-commerce logitics provider – we offer e-tailers a full service logistics experience when it comes to selling on e-commerce marketplaces in the European Union: Amazon, Cdiscount, BOL, Otto, Rakuten and several others. We got to know e-commerce inside out when providing the largest global brands and small e-commerce businesses with pre-Amazon storage, FBA prep, forwarding to Amazon fulfillment centers in Europe, processing Amazon returns and removal orders, customs clearance and more.


FLEX. run different logistics brands which specialize in several e-commerce logistics services we provide.

Service plans for B2C fulfillment

Choose a FLEX service plan meet your needs and fit the size of your business.
From small businesses, medium- to large-size e-commerce operations.

no monthly flat rate fees


  • no monthly flat rate fees
  • 1x e-commerce API integration e.g. with Amazon
  • order processing - 1.49 EUR per order (shipping boxes, packing materials included)
  • receiving products - no charge
  • processing returs - 0.99 EUR per unit
  • storage - 14.99 EUR per cubic meter a month

most popular

29 EUR

  • included API integration with over 60 e-commerce marketplaces and website engines such as Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce etc
  • receiving products on pallets / as courier boxes - no charge
  • order processing - 0.99 EUR per order (shipping labels, packing materials included) + the cost of shipping
  • shipping box - 0.49 EUR per order (if needed)
  • processing returns - 0.49 EUR per unit
  • storage - 9.99 EUR per 1 cbm a month (based on the combined volume of individual units)

custom solutions from 5,000 orders a month

please contact us for a quote

  • FLEX Logistik Germany
  • FLEX Logistics Poland


one e-commerce 3PL
three warehouse locations:
Poland and Germany



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Software Integrations

Supported sales platforms & marketplaces – connect your online store with just a few simple clicks.
Additional API integrations available upon request.

Supported Carriers

Get the cheapest rates across carriers for each order. Use our negotiated rates or yours. Tracking available for each shipment.

We can also deliver your orders to over 50,000 popular pick-up points in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia…

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